Here I go again, making promises to myself that I might not keep, but I will make a considerable effort to keep this promise. I’m always writing, in notebooks, tapping on the computer, I have scraps of papers pinned everywhere with lists, ideas, quick notes, things people have said and done. I have articles published. So writing isn’t a problem. The problem is making time to blog. And if I’m honest, that’s not a problem really because I have the time. I work part-time, study part-time, and look after my husband and two dogs, which leaves me plenty of time. So it’s a mind over matter thing. Should I upload to my blog, or should I do the beds, iron, sit and watch some tv, read my book. Well, 2022, watch out because Hazel, the blogger, is here – such a bold statement. I have a lot to say – mostly about my day to day stuff, the things that happen to me, usually the funny side of life. You might not be interested, you might find it boring, but if you are inclined to read my scribbles, hopefully, I will bring a smile to your face or introduce you to something new, somewhere lovely to stay, or a new place to have coffee I’ve discovered. 

Talking of coffee. I’m sitting writing this in my favourite cafe in Church Stretton – The Holly Bush. I live nearby, so it is easy to walk to, sit with a coffee that someone else has made, bliss and even have a sneaky piece of cake – double bliss. I enjoy watching people and where better than a cafe. Today, there is a large table of cyclists who have been up on the Mynd this morning. I know this because I’m nosey, and I overheard. The Mynd is a range of hills in Shropshire very popular with people who love bikes – usually groups of men.

There’s another large table full of mums, and again I know this because not one mum is dressed in lycra, but each woman has a baby on their knee. Furthermore, all incredibly well behaved – not heard one cry yet – the babies, that is. But, on the other hand, the mums are pretty noisy. 

Next to the mums, there’s a middle-aged couple. The woman has short grey spiky hair, the most colourful cape, you might mistake it for Joseph’s coat of many colours and bright red shoes. However, her husband looks like he’s been begrudgingly shopping in the beige department of Marks and Spencer’s. Maybe it’s not her husband – just a relative or a friend. I think if it were her husband, he would have donned mustard chino’s, a green sweater and eye-catching socks.

There are also three older ladies having cake and coffee and seemingly helping each other with their phones. I hear one say, “yes, but how do I save it”. 

And finally a younger man on his own, maybe a local tradie having a break – he has a belt around his trousers containing some tools. Perhaps he just likes wearing it.

The cafe itself – The Holly Bush”, is bright and lovely with homemade cakes on the counter and simple delights such as beans on toast and sausage, mash and onion gravy. It’s a bustling little hub full of life; it even welcomes dogs inside.

Well, maybe this is enough for my first attempt at blogging about me and my life. I’m going to walk home soon, through church Stretton and along the road about a mile or so to Little Stretton. On the way, I know I will see lots of sheep, the odd ram, hills and luckily for me, the sun is shining.

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  1. I want to earwig on the conversation between the woman in the cape and the bloke with her. Thank you Hazel took me away from my daily drag for 5 minutes and filled my day with colour.

    1. Thank you Dawn! Me too – I wonder what they were chatting about. Hopefully I will bring a little more colour again soon x

  2. Church stretton is my second home it has such a special place in my 💗. You captured it so well.

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